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When AI Prophecy Fails

A short provocation piece that was written for the Belief in AI conference, as a part of Dubai Design Week When AI Prophecy Fails In 1843 a caricature was published in a newspaper showing a man hiding in a safe. He’d chosen a Salamander Safe, a familiar brand of the time, and filled it with brandy, […]

Seeing All the Way to Mordor: Anthropology and Understanding the Future of Work in an AI Automated World

I spent yesterday in London having a very interesting discussion about the future of work, and what evidence might be fruitful for exploring the topic and for disseminating information to policymakers and the public. I was one of a few qualitative researchers at the table and ended up banging my drum for ethnographic research that […]

The Elf Ranger Test: Dungeons and Dragons, not chess and Go: why AI needs roleplay – Aeon Magazine

My latest piece for Aeon is online, and deals with questions around AI and games – what games might get us closer to human intelligence – and proposes ‘the Elf Ranger Test’ for AI 🙂  

Artificial Intelligence Ghost Stories

Would you like a story today? Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I will begin. A married couple are sitting on their couch watching the film Alien: Covenant one evening. She’s seen it before and found some of it disturbing, so she’s not sure she wants to watch it again. He’s seen every Alien film […]

AI Narratives: Cambridge Interdisciplinary Performance Network Panel

In association with the Centre for the Future of Intelligence, a panel on AI Narratives and their impact and transmission. Featuring: Dr Stephen Cave (Executive Director Leverhulme CFI) Hopes and Fears for AI: Four Dichotomies Dr Sarah Dillon (CFI) Displaying Gender Dr Kanta Dihal (CFI) Personhood Dr Beth Singler (CFI) AI and Film Chair: Satinder […]

Imagining the Future, Interview in Portuguese Press, 12.02.2018

Interview done as a part of the 2084 Imagine public discussion I was involved in in Lisbon last month

Friend in the Machine – Can a Robot Be a True Friend?

Friend in the Machine, the second in our series of four films on developments in AI and robotics and their implications, is available on YouTube. Can a robot be a true friend? Are we lonely enough to consider relationships with machines? What is companionship and can a machine be a substitute for a human companion? […]