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Is AI ‘Ready for the Art of War’?

Remember the way we used to feel Before we were made from steel We will take the field again An army of a thousand men It’s time to rise up, we’re breaking through Now that we’ve been improved Everything has been restored I’m ready for the art of war Sometimes my research-time listening is pretty […]

’29 Scientists’: An AI Conspiracy Theory and What It Tells Us About Experts and Authority

I’m writing this on the train to Birmingham* as I travel back to Cambridge with some of the AI Narratives team (Dr Stephen Cave, Dr Kanta Dihal, and Professor Toshie Takahashi) after our stellar performance at the Science in Public Conference in Cardiff. We presented on our work on the perceptions and portrayals of AI […]

When AI Prophecy Fails

A short provocation piece that was written for the Belief in AI conference, as a part of Dubai Design Week When AI Prophecy Fails In 1843 a caricature was published in a newspaper showing a man hiding in a safe. He’d chosen a Salamander Safe, a familiar brand of the time, and filled it with brandy, […]

Seeing All the Way to Mordor: Anthropology and Understanding the Future of Work in an AI Automated World

I spent yesterday in London having a very interesting discussion about the future of work, and what evidence might be fruitful for exploring the topic and for disseminating information to policymakers and the public. I was one of a few qualitative researchers at the table and ended up banging my drum for ethnographic research that […]

The Elf Ranger Test: Dungeons and Dragons, not chess and Go: why AI needs roleplay – Aeon Magazine

My latest piece for Aeon is online, and deals with questions around AI and games – what games might get us closer to human intelligence – and proposes ‘the Elf Ranger Test’ for AI 🙂  

Artificial Intelligence Ghost Stories

Would you like a story today? Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I will begin. A married couple are sitting on their couch watching the film Alien: Covenant one evening. She’s seen it before and found some of it disturbing, so she’s not sure she wants to watch it again. He’s seen every Alien film […]

AI Narratives: Cambridge Interdisciplinary Performance Network Panel

In association with the Centre for the Future of Intelligence, a panel on AI Narratives and their impact and transmission. Featuring: Dr Stephen Cave (Executive Director Leverhulme CFI) Hopes and Fears for AI: Four Dichotomies Dr Sarah Dillon (CFI) Displaying Gender Dr Kanta Dihal (CFI) Personhood Dr Beth Singler (CFI) AI and Film Chair: Satinder […]