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March 2023

“AI and the ‘End of Religion’?: Ethnographic Accounts and Implications”, Keynote lecture at Equipping Christian Leaders in an Age of Science Conference, York, 2022 (postponed from March 2022)

December 2022

Tech UK, Digital Ethics Summit: Panel on “Obsessed with sentience? What language models are teaching us about our expectations of tech and humanity” with Hetan Shah, Adrian Weller, and Ivana Bartoletti.

November 2022

Center for Culture, Society and Religion, Princeton University: A Conversation with Beth Singler

American Academy of Religion, Panel: AI and Religion in AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future

October 2022

URRP Digital Religions UZH Conference, Monte Verita, Switzerland

September 2022

Science Fiction Squared: Symposium exploring the future of science fiction. Panel on ‘The Mythology of the Future’ with Adam Roberts, Yen Ooi, and Jennifer Woodward

July 2022

Keynote at the ESA Sociology of Religion Conference, Groningen – Conference theme: “Religion in an unstable world: Challenges, transformations and future prospects” – VIDEO

June 2022

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, discussion panel at the Phoenix, Exeter

New Scientist Evening Lecture: Understanding the AI revolution, London, UK

Royal Anthropological Institute Conference: Anthropology, AI and the Future of Human Society, ONLINE

May 2022

Keynote – Religion and Science Forum Conference, Birmingham, UK

‘Exploring Belief’, the Religion Media Festival, London, UK

March 2022

New Scientist Live, Manchester, UK – “AI: Friend or Foe?” (postponed from January 2021)

new scientist live advert

A Salon for Humans & Machines, a conversion with Beth Singler. Conversing with William Powers Visiting Scholar for Humanistic Technologies at CHM and the author of the New York Times Bestseller Hamlet’s BlackBerry: Building a Good Life in the Digital Age – Berlin and Online – 15th March – LINK to Youtube video

ECLAS Conference: Robotics, AI, and Ethics – POSTPONED, date tb

February 2022

New Scientist Evening Lecture – “Understanding the AI Revolution”, where Beth will be speaking on “fAIth: Believing in AI” – POSTPONED TO JUNE, date tbc

Book Launch: Radical Transformations in Minority Religions, Co-edited by Beth Singler and Eileen Barker (INFORM)

November 2021

10th November, Annual Digital Religion Research Award Lecture


October 2021

“The Dreams our Stuff is Made of: Trust, Agency, and Super-agency”. Talk on AI Ethics at CHAIR

Video now here

July 2021

22nd July – Just because you can, does it mean you should? Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (AI) – BCS Data Management Specialist Group

Link to video of the panel

June 2021

CogX 2021 events:

Chairing a panel on Existential Threats: the Unpredictable Horizon

Interviewing Max Tegmark on Why Democracy Needs and Algorithm

May 2021

11th May – Inclusivity Lounge online, hosted by Women on Top at the Delphi Economic Forum

April 2021

8th April – “Preparing for the Robopocalypse: the Real Dangers of Artificial Intelligence and Robots” – public talk, Homerton College

13th April – Webinar on disinformation, democracy, religion, and the digital

March 2021

Research Seminar at KU Leuven: “Blessed by the Algorithm: Artificial Intelligence and Religion in Online and Offline Discourse”

January 2021

Private Workshop on the ethical impacts of AI, European Academy on Religion and Society (EARS)

November 2020

Co-Opting AI: Fiction: NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge, NYU Tandon’s Department for Technology, Culture and Society and the 370 Jay Project invite you to a discussion on finance in the series “Co-Opting AI.” (ONLINE)

October 2020

Ada Lovelace Day, Tuesday 13th October – Panel on ‘The Near Future’ (ONLINE)

September 2020

Technology and democracy: rebuilding from the bottom-up: Cambridge Alumi Festival in association with the Hay Festival, (ONLINE)

Religion and AI Conference, Italy, (ONLINE)

June 2020

New Scientist Evening Lecture – “AI and the Future of Your Mind”, London – POSTPONED

CogX, London – ONLINE

May 2020

BERA Conference on Being Human: Education in a Technological Age, Cambridge UK – POSTPONED

April 2020

JISC Conference Keynote, UK – POSTPONED

March 2020

Keynote, Religion and AI Conference, Italy – POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER

January 2020

Night of Ideas, French Embassy, London


Seminar, TORCH Oxford

November 2019

American Academy of Religion Conference, Keynote talk for Religion and Media workshop and paper for AI and Religion Seminar (steering committee member)

Blade Runner panel and Screening, Cambridge

BR screening 1

Mercerism, Religion, and Gender – Teeside Cyberpunk Festival

October 2019

AI: The End of Society? – Norwich Science Festival

God and the Machine Panel – AI and Religion, Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2019

Could Robots Ever Become Artists? – London Science Museum

September 2019

Alumni Festival, Cambridge University – “Are we ready for AI?”

Trust and Technology Initiative 2019 Symposium – “Clap if you Believe in AI: Fairies, Ghosts, and Algorithmic Gods”

June 2019 

CogX Festival of AI and Emerging Technology: Panel on ‘Robomorphisation’ and interviewed Paul Mason and Anand Girahadas about their new books.

Annual CenSamm Conference 2019: Keynote on AI and Apocalypticism

May 2019

Presented at the AI: Religious and Ethical Perspectives conference, organised by the Science and Human Dimensions Project with funding from Templeton

April 2019

British Society for Literature and Science Conference, Royal Holloway

March 2019

Launch for Ghost in the Machine, with CSER and the Ground Zero Exhibition

Invitation from FCO to speak at AI Summit Munich

February 2019

Panel for Ground Zero Exhibition with CSER

December 2018

Science in Public Conference, Cardiff University

October 2018

Homerton College 250th Anniversary – Monsters and Me: Frankenstein and AI

September 2018

Ars Electronica – Talk available here

22nd September 2018

New Scientist Live

I’ll be on the Technology stage on the Saturday talking about What machines can tell us about being human 🙂

June 2018

Cheltenham Science Festival

A special panel, sponsored by the AHRC to celebrate our short documentary on AI, Pain in the Machine, the winner of the 2018 Best Research Film of the Year Award. After a screening I will be discussing the film with Murray Shanahan (Google DeepMind, Imperial College, London) and Barry Smith (Institute of Advanced Studies, University of London) 🙂

April 2018

Edinburgh Science Festival, 2018:

Appearing on two panels, one on the legacy of Frankenstein (Let’s Talk Frankly), and one on how What Do Robots Think About When No One’s Around.

April 2018

Keynote speaker at CenSamm’s conference on Apocalyptic AI, Bedford, discussing ‘Mind Out of Place: Thinking About AI Apocalypticism Anthropologically’

March 2018

Appearing with the rest of the AI Narratives crew for a panel on AI at Imagining the History o the Future: Unsettling Scientific Stories, York University

AI Narratives Pic 1

February 2018

Speaking at the Symposium on Light, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.

January 2018

Dr Singler will be in Lisbon to be interviewed as a part of the CCB’s Imagine 2084 series of speakers, recorded to be broadcast as well.

November 2017

Beth appeared on BBC Click Live, discussing Pain in the Machine (at about 16 mins in):

Along with three experts on medical history, medicine, and the science of swearing, Beth discussed Pain in the Machine on Start the Week:

Beth presented to the Lords Select Committee on AI as a part of the AI Narratives team, one of the four projects from the Centre for the Future of Intelligence that were asked to report on the work of the centre to the committee.

November 2017

Pain in Machine, the first film in our series, won the AHRC award for best research film of the year.


The second film in our series, Friend in the Machine, was released:

10th- 12th October 2017

Beth was in Tokyo for the symposium on AI and Society and a one day workshop on beneficial AI. She also took the opportunity to do some fieldwork and visited Asimo at the Museum of Science and Emerging Technology, the robot hotel, and the robot restaurant:

AI and Religion on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Programme:

Beth appeared as a guest on the Sunday Programme to talk about the religious language used by technologists and transhumanists about the future of AI and humanity.


bbc radio 4.png


New Scientist Presents: The Transhumanists’ Club

Should we accept that humanity’s time is nearly up? 

Panel discussion as a part of the Barbican’s Into the Unknown exhibition

With Adam Rutherford, Joanna Kavenna, and Frank Swain

Details here

into the unknown

Interview with Beth on BBC Click for their episode on the robots of the future


The Knowledge at the Science Museum – How to Make a Robot


  1. How we built RoboThespian Ben Russell, lead curator, Robots, in conversation with Will Jackson of Engineered Arts
  2. Putting the mind in the machine Roger Highfield, Science Museum Director of External Affairs, in conversation with Dr Beth Singler, AI and Robotics Research Associate, Faraday Institute
  3. How can humans and robots work together? Jon Milton, author of The Super Intelligent, High Tech Robot Book, in conversation with Dr Michael Walters, Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire

Talk: How to make a robot + private tour of Robots exhibition
Saturday 24 June 2017
Robots, Level 1 + Lecture Theatre


Cheltenham Science Festival

science festival

The Machine Mind

Do androids dream of electric sheep? From incognito twitter-bots to grandmaster-beating machines, artificial intelligence capable of highly sophisticated interactions is no longer restricted to science fiction. Artifical intelligence expert Murray Shanahan and digital anthropologist Beth Singler investigate the machine mind – exploring how we engineer intelligence, what we know about robot thought processes, and how similar they might be to our own. Chaired by Dallas Campbell

Sat 10 Jun 2017 5:30pm – 6:30pm

At The Crucible

27/05/2017 and 28/05/2017

Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts


Beth Singler has been selected as one of the Hay 30

Beth will be appearing on the BBC stage for BBC Click Live on Saturday 27th May, and on Sunday 28th May she’ll be on the Starlight stage discussing her research into the implications of developments in AI and robotics, as a part of the Cambridge Series of speakers. On the Sunday she’ll be showing her project’s short documentary film Pain in the Machine (made with Little Dragon Films and Ewan St John Smith, Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge).

Still 2.jpg


The Annual Centre for the Application of Research (CSAR) Debate: ‘This House believes that AI/Robotics will make us happier’

Presiding: Dr. David Cleevely, CBE Proposing: Prof. Alan Blackwell, University of Cambridge

Seconding: Dr Fumiya Iida, University of Cambridge

Opposing: Dr. David Good, University of Cambridge

Seconding: Dr. Advait Sarkar, Microsoft Research,

Cambridge Sweeper against: Dr Beth Singler, University of Cambridge

Sweeper for: Nigel Miller, Telegraph Media Group