The last two weeks have mostly involved stalking Nick Bostrom. Of course I’m joking! Although… first I went to IP EXPO Europe 2016 – “Europe’s leading IT event. 300+ leading industry exhibitors showcasing demos, product launches & giveaways”(1) – where Bostrom gave a key note to a packed theatre on the potential risks and benefits […]

The past weekend saw the Faraday Short course take place in conjunction with our subproject on the implications of developments in AI and Robotics. From Friday to Sunday members of the public could listen to invited speakers, engage in break out discussion groups, and even grill the speakers mercilessly during an evening panel! Photo by […]

I’ve been rather busy lately writing conference papers (details below) and I havent unfortunatly had the time to write the rants blog posts that came to mind off the back two AI and robotics stories this month. Even the versions I came up with in my head became TL;DW (too long; didn’t write), and would no doubt also […]

NEWS: Professor Richard Harper has recently joined the expert speakers for our Faraday short course in September. He will be speaking on “Communication, God, and Machines”: He joins luminaries including Lord Martin Rees, Professor Nigel Cameron and Professor Susan Eastman (full list of speakers here, with details of how to register for the weekend) The aim of this weekend event is […]

Yesterday afternoon was spent writing a film. You might start to imagine screenwriters in bottle top glasses hunched over typewriters, with fat producers stalking behind them waggling thick cigars in smoke filled writers’ rooms decorated with slatted blinds and green glass lamps.  However, we were in a teaching room in St Edmund’s college working on […]

Trust the anthropologist to talk about humans at a conference on Artificial Intelligence… Yesterday I spent an extremely stimulating day at the Rustat Conference, held at Jesus College, where the topic was “Artificial Intelligence – the Future Impact of Machine Intelligence”. Chatham House Rules prevent me from describing who said what exactly, but there were panels […]

I heard this week (just before my viva, so it slipped my mind a little!) that my paper for the Post-Secularity conference at the Ian Ramsey Centre was accepted! I’m pleased to be presenting on: LessWrong = Less Religious? Secularity as Moral Boundary Making in Future Technology Focussed Groups I am also very happy to […]