We’re very close to submitting the final draft of the CUP Cambridge Companion to Religion and AI, and I’m pleased to be able to share the current chapter list (unlikely final edits to the order and titles in the publication process notwithstanding!):

01. Introduction – Beth Singler and Fraser Watts

02. Steps Toward Android Intelligence – William Clocksin


03. Hinduism and Artificial Intelligence – Robert Geraci and Stephen Kaplan

04. The Buddha in AI/Robotics – Hannah Gould and Keiko Nishimura

05. Artificial Intelligence and Jewish Thought – David Zvi Kalman

06. Artificial Intelligence and Christianity: Friends or Foes? – Marius Dorobantu

07. Islam and Artificial Intelligence – Yaqub Chaudhary


08. Transhumanism and Transcendence – Ilia Delio

09. The Eschatological Future of Artificial Intelligence: Savior or Apocalypse? – Noreen Herzfeld

10. AI Ethics and Ethical AI – Paula Boddington

11. Black Theology x Artificial Intelligence – Philip Butler

12. Imag(in)ing Human-Robot Relationships – Scott Midson


13. The Anthropology and Sociology of Religion and AI – Beth Singler

14. Simulating Religion – F. LeRon Shults and Wesley J. Wildman

15. Cognitive Modelling of Spiritual Practices – Fraser Watts

16. Artificial Companions and Spiritual Enhancement – Yorick Wilks

A pre-order page will go up on the CUP site when the book is a bit closer to publication 🙂

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