My interview with the lovely Emily Bates at the New Scientist is now available in both a text version and a video:

We are growing used to the idea of artificial intelligence influencing our daily lives, but for some people, it is an opaque technology that poses more of a threat than an opportunity. Anthropologist Beth Singler studies our relationship with AI and robotics and suggests that the lack of transparency behind it leads some people to elevate AI to a mysterious deity-like figure.

“People might talk about being blessed by the algorithm,” says Singler, but actually it probably comes down a very distinct decision being made at a corporate level. Rather than fearing a robot rebellion or a deity version of AI judging us, she tells Emily Bates, we should identify and be critical of those making decisions about how AI is used. “When fear becomes too all-consuming and it distracts you from those questions, I think that’s a concern,” says Singler…

Read the article/watch the video here

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