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A Postsecular Age? New Narratives of Religion, Science, and Society, 2016 IRC Conference, Oxford, 27-30 July

I heard this week (just before my viva, so it slipped my mind a little!) that my paper for the Post-Secularity conference at the Ian Ramsey Centre was accepted! I’m pleased to be presenting on: LessWrong = Less Religious? Secularity as Moral Boundary Making in Future Technology Focussed Groups I am also very happy to […]

I Passed My PhD Viva!

The Spinning Wheel of Death – Doomsayers and AI

I hope that you’ve never experienced the Spinning Wheel of Death. But if you are a Mac user you may have had that gut wrenching moment of despair when everything freezes, the app you are using judders to a halt, and all you can do it watch, hypnotised by the rainbow wheel that spins, and […]