Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Return of the “Curious Cult”

One of my (many) interests when it comes to the study of contemporary religion is how these new groups are perceived by wider society.  I’ve just recently taught my first class on changes in attitudes to what are now generally called ‘New Religious Movements’ (NRMs) in Academia, or Cults in the wider popular vernacular. The […]

Call for Papers: “Cute Studies,” a special issue of the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture

Loving the Kawaii as I do, I really would like to be able to submit something for this! Thinking cap on!

A Little Experiment

I’ve been experimenting with hosting some of my teaching papers and my essays on, here. I’m curious to see what sort of numbers I will get and what papers are more interesting to viewers. I’m not posting anything that I am currently working on or about to turn into a more formal paper, but […]