Sex (Got Your Attention) with ‘Mystery Relatives’

A story has just broken about research into our ancestors and where our DNA comes from.  This explains the science and the methodology far better than I can.  But what particularly interests me is that this idea of a mystery ancestor providing us with a portion of our DNA may be seen as overlapping with longstanding New Age or metaphysical explanations for human evolution, known as the Paleocontact hypothesis, or the Ancient Astronauts theory.  I explain this idea a little more in this presentation (the Powerpoint is also available on my page here).


Amongst Indigos, as I explain in the above presentation, DNA is a key concept for explaining their abilities, and they often support their theories with scientific discoveries, arguing that Science is only starting to catch up with the reality that they have access to.

With this story about our ‘mystery ancestors’ I curious about how and when it will be picked up by Indigos (if at all) as further evidence of some of the DNA accounts they have already been giving.  I have performed a few online searches, as well as looked at the main Indigo forum board, but currently the only people posting about the story are conspiracy or free though web-forums.  On Twitter there are many people posting the story, but few are adding comments beyond ‘Interesting’, and its not immediately obvious from user names or profiles that these individuals consider themselves to be Indigos.

I’ve posted a tweet myself asking the question, “is this (the story) picked up by the Indigos?” as a test.  I want to see if the tweet (and the story) are subsequently picked up and where it spreads to.  Its also a reminder tweet for me about the story, as is this blog post!

So this is a little bit of an experiment, or a perhaps it is best described as a direct observation of social media interactions around a hot topic in the Indigo community.  Lets see what happens… if anything!

I love Excel… no seriously

This morning I am updating my makeshift database of contacts.  At the moment I am in (ir)regular contact with almost 60 possible interviewees with various pseudonyms, skype aliases, and e-mail names – who live all around the world.  I’m organising face to face interviews, skype interviews with time differences, e-mail conversations, and sending out surveys.  And then on top of that I have 33 online sources I want to refer to (oops, still need to add a list of online blogs… add that to the to do list!).

Without an excel spreadsheet I simply wouldnt be able to keep up to date! I did wonder how ethnographers did this before programmes and even digital notebooks existed.  But then I realised that mosts ethnographers lived in their villages.  I am trying to live ‘in’ a global village that is really a network of often anonymous individuals ideologically bound beyond time and space.  I’ve really given myself a difficult job but I wouldnt have it any other way 🙂

Although, studying a village somewhere sunny does have its appeal when the Cambridge rains keep on pouring!