Monthly Archives: January 2018

Friend in the Machine – Can a Robot Be a True Friend?

Friend in the Machine, the second in our series of four films on developments in AI and robotics and their implications, is available on YouTube. Can a robot be a true friend? Are we lonely enough to consider relationships with machines? What is companionship and can a machine be a substitute for a human companion? […]

‘Haters gon’ say its fake. So real.’

Meanwhile at the Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference in Kuala Lumpa in 2028: So, Deep Learning – aka making dancing robots in this case – has become ‘sexy’. Arguably this moment came earlier, around August 2017 when Stanford University grad Alexandre Robicquet, a machine vision researcher, fronted a Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign, which included his occupation on the […]

BBC Click Live 2017

At the end of 2017 was thrilled to be a part of the live shows that BBC Click does at Broadcasting House (I appear from about 16:00). I got some really great questions from the audience of both school students and adults (and I got to save a robot!)  

The Conversation: Anthill 19 – Pain

At the end of last year I spoke to the Conversation about our film, Pain in the Machine, and whether robots could and should feel pain: