Monthly Archives: June 2016

Short Course: Reality, Robots and Religion

NEWS: Professor Richard Harper has recently joined the expert speakers for our Faraday short course in September. He will be speaking on “Communication, God, and Machines”: He joins luminaries including Lord Martin Rees, Professor Nigel Cameron and Professor Susan Eastman (full list of speakers here, with details of how to register for the weekend) The aim of this weekend event is […]

Writing the Script for AI

Yesterday afternoon was spent writing a film. You might start to imagine screenwriters in bottle top glasses hunched over typewriters, with fat producers stalking behind them waggling thick cigars in smoke filled writers’ rooms decorated with slatted blinds and green glass lamps.  However, we were in a teaching room in St Edmund’s college working on […]

Ex Homine – On Artificial Intelligence and Humanlikeness

Trust the anthropologist to talk about humans at a conference on Artificial Intelligence… Yesterday I spent an extremely stimulating day at the Rustat Conference, held at Jesus College, where the topic was “Artificial Intelligence – the Future Impact of Machine Intelligence”. Chatham House Rules prevent me from describing who said what exactly, but there were panels […]